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 This is hilarious! I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this Jewish crafting book! When the holiday season rolls around I’ll be making myself the Mah-Jongg Menorah to go with my Jewish American Princess Tiara. It must be a mitzvah to look this good.

Catch a (fancy) tiger by its toe

Fancy Tiger is one of my favorite stores of all time! If y’all are in Denver, you should come on over to Broadway and give it a look-see. With Fancy Tiger, I can’t help but feel that it might not be so bad to live in hick metropolis, U.S.A. Oh but my dear readers the Fancy Tiger blog is so much fun to look at! I would love to try my hand at embroidery if only to make this funny tea towel.
They also have a lot of new and really cute Japanese craft books for sale! I would love to own all of these. Maybe for my birthday? I wish I could read Japanese so I could read these books. Everything in these books are so sweet. Like these felted desserts!