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down in a rabbit hole!

This was a great Vogue editorial from a few years ago. I think I still have the issue stacked away somewhere in a heap of magazines. I would really like to try out being the white rabbit this year for Halloween.. But I’m really excited for the Tim Burton ‘Alice in Wonderland’! I know that he will have a really stylistically deliberate interpretation to Alice in Wonderland, which I think will turn out beautifully!


A first lady is shorn.

I think this looks really good on her! It seems more relaxed then her last crop. It is funny how whenever a first lady chops off some hair, it’s breaking news. I’m guilty of it too. Tsk.

Catch a (fancy) tiger by its toe

Fancy Tiger is one of my favorite stores of all time! If y’all are in Denver, you should come on over to Broadway and give it a look-see. With Fancy Tiger, I can’t help but feel that it might not be so bad to live in hick metropolis, U.S.A. Oh but my dear readers the Fancy Tiger blog is so much fun to look at! I would love to try my hand at embroidery if only to make this funny tea towel.
They also have a lot of new and really cute Japanese craft books for sale! I would love to own all of these. Maybe for my birthday? I wish I could read Japanese so I could read these books. Everything in these books are so sweet. Like these felted desserts!

shalom shanghai!

 “Savage Growth” by Bu Hua

The audio on this video is shoddy at best, but it’s the only one I could find. If anyone finds a better video give me a ring at This is a powerful exploration of the effects of westernization in China, and shows how more modern media can match (or in some cases surpass) traditional media in art. I love what has emerged in contemporary Chinese art! Cynical realism, or the new wave of socialist art that has come out of China are definitely worth a look.

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