Mother & Child

This always makes me cry.


I just found this street style blog, and these are some great shots. It’s funny to see what models wear in their off-time. I really liked a lot of the things Hyoni Kang was sporting on this blog, but I’d love to try my hand at making that zippered shirt. It’s definitely a lot of fun to look at!! I can’t believe I didn’t know about this before.

Hyoni Kang

Audra Callo 

Marissa Competello



Tree Hugger

Penelope Tree is one of my favorite models! She has a very decidedly other-worldly appearance to her. I’d love to try my hand at drawing her sometime, her high cheeks would be a lot of fun to draw. Not to mention those eyes! This is one of my favorite shots of her, so enjoy it.

take a walk on the wild side?


I want this so bad! Less then a day left to bid. They have a lot of other good ones on ebay right now, but I’ll hold out my cash for this round. I’m really after a Christopher Ross rabbit belt..

step by step

One of the most beautiful women.


 This is hilarious! I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this Jewish crafting book! When the holiday season rolls around I’ll be making myself the Mah-Jongg Menorah to go with my Jewish American Princess Tiara. It must be a mitzvah to look this good.

wild fang you make my heart sing.

I think fang necklaces are really sweet. Am I just barking up a tree? Though I’d have to get a dentures necklace, I’m not to down with the idea of owning anyone elses teeth.

down in a rabbit hole!

This was a great Vogue editorial from a few years ago. I think I still have the issue stacked away somewhere in a heap of magazines. I would really like to try out being the white rabbit this year for Halloween.. But I’m really excited for the Tim Burton ‘Alice in Wonderland’! I know that he will have a really stylistically deliberate interpretation to Alice in Wonderland, which I think will turn out beautifully!

A first lady is shorn.

I think this looks really good on her! It seems more relaxed then her last crop. It is funny how whenever a first lady chops off some hair, it’s breaking news. I’m guilty of it too. Tsk.

Catch a (fancy) tiger by its toe

Fancy Tiger is one of my favorite stores of all time! If y’all are in Denver, you should come on over to Broadway and give it a look-see. With Fancy Tiger, I can’t help but feel that it might not be so bad to live in hick metropolis, U.S.A. Oh but my dear readers the Fancy Tiger blog is so much fun to look at! I would love to try my hand at embroidery if only to make this funny tea towel.
They also have a lot of new and really cute Japanese craft books for sale! I would love to own all of these. Maybe for my birthday? I wish I could read Japanese so I could read these books. Everything in these books are so sweet. Like these felted desserts!